“To empower 25,00,000 poor and vulnerable households economically and socially by 2025, through establishing sustained access to financial and capacity building services, thereby lifting them from their vulnerable condition.”

Empower – Reduce vulnerability, train and educate, inculcate leadership skills, provide opportunities to own and manage resources and take decisions.

Vulnerable /poor– Below poverty line, disadvantaged sections of the society, those susceptible to shocks and seasonality

Others– Lower middle class population that may not be very poor at a point in life but are nevertheless vulnerable

Directly– By providing services directly through BFL, its staff, infrastructure and delivery mechanism

Indirectly – Providing financial services through bank linkages and through partnership with other financial service providers

Continuous Access – To provide services to clients as and when they need them, regularly and consistently

Financial Services– Services including credit, business correspondent, insurance, pension, money transfer, money change, etc.

Capacity Building Services– Extending training and skill development services (especially related to livelihood, health and education)