“A poverty free, prosperous, equitable and sustainable society”

Poverty free – A poverty free society comprises of people who can at least meet their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. The people in this society are accessing financial services for fulfilling the next level of basic needs such as health, education, housing, sanitation, etc. BFL will enable its clients to move to the poverty-free platform and access services by providing innovative financial services.

Sustainable – The clients of BFL will gradually be able to diversify their sources of income and reduce vulnerability on account of internal / external factors. The gradual increase in income sources and levels will enable them to get into sustainable income generating cycles.

Equitable – BFL will provide all its clients, irrespective of caste and religion, access to services and will not differentiate amongst members from its target clientele.

Empowerment– BFL clients will graduate to a poverty free status and will be able to exercise decision making options as individuals / groups / federations in various aspects of their lives. The economic empowerment facilitated by BFL will enable them to extend empowerment into other aspects of their lives.

Prosperity – BFL will strive towards the continuous positive economic and social growth of its clients.